7 Bug-Out Bag Essentials - Demarcko.com

7 Bug-Out Bag Essentials - Demarcko.com

What is essential for you in your Bug-Out Bag?

What would you pack in a bag to protect yourself and your family for a chaotic period of up to three days. During an emergency is too late to answer this question. The time to ask is RIGHT NOW.

What you plan and prepare now gives you the principle mentality to work from crisis to stability. Let's stand back and take a snapshot of how well you are set up. What sort of experience and gear do you currently have to use in an emergency. If an acute emergency happened today what else do you need so that you are properly equipped. Keep reading to see how you stack up. 

You are going to need items that support your health, keeping you mentally strong, items to protect yourself at all times, and items to keep your body warm. You need to stay focused and away from dangerous, desperate people. And you need to work your way out of the crisis cycle avoiding the traps getting you further stuck in it. 

There are many different ordinary to extraordinary Bug-Out circumstances you will face during your lifetime. The most important thing you can do today is to take steps to prepare for this time period.

Here is a chance for you figure take a look at your situation to see how ready you are to recognize an emergency, to make a clear decision, and move-it.

Do you have experience using the items you think you would want to have at hand. You might be surprised what is universally handy and what is unnecessary weight taking up space.

Below are listed some categories to help you to put your thinking to the test.

Check out these fundamental categories

1. Essential documents and cash money

Have copies of your essential documents ready to go and cash on hand. During a Bug-Out situation is not the time to head to the bank machine. If it is a wide-spread Bug-Out the ATM can be empty of cash even if you have funds in your account. Sorry. The bank can also close and lock its doors completely protecting the bank with armed guards. This has happened in 2001 in Argentina a first world economy.

This is very possible today and will likely happen in a state of wide crisis as the banks protect themselves. So have cash on-hand already. A minimum of a few hundred dollars to a few thousand for transportation depending on your Bug-Out destination.

Be very careful in how you protect your documents and IDs from theft. In the United States you can have extreme difficulty without identification and can risk getting tangled up in problems you never intended.

2. Self defense tools

Test to see which devices you prefer and where to place them to be close at hand: pepper spray, stun gun, pocket knife, a super bright lumen flash light, keychain knuckles, extendable baton.

You need to have these self protection devices on hand now so that you can play around and get to know their usefulness to you. Take the pepper spray out of the packaging and see how it shoots. How far does it shoot and how strong is the stream. How does the laser help you hit your target with the spray. Turn on the stun gun to see how loud and bright it is. Become familiar with using these items so that they become second nature for you like using a knife to cut a sandwich in half.

3. Clean, drinkable water

Water is the heaviest thing you can carry. It is essential to have clean, pathogen-free water to avoid sickness and mind fog from dehydration. A great solution is a water bottle filter that can make any water drinkable no matter what the initial state. Get used to using this now so that you have the habit down.

Also test and pack a small container of bleach or iodine for particularly nasty water to disinfect the water before filtering it. 16 drops of bleach per gallon will disinfect and a good filter removes the bleach from the water you will drink.

4. Pack vitamins not food

To drastically reduce your carry weight and to boost immune system completely replace carrying of any food with vitamins. Read more detail here: 3 Reasons to Replace Food with Vitamins in Your Bug-Out Bag (BOB). Get food along the way when possible.

5. First-aid kit

What does this mean for you. Does someone in your family have asthma? Do you get sunburned easily? Forget band-aids and aspirin. Regular hygiene, disinfectant, and antibiotics can save your life. Having a needle and thread can not only mend items it can closing a wound. Remember that the best first-aid is prevention so keep yourself clean and tidy.  

6. Clothing

Wool and synthetics are excellent for most conditions. Wool stays warm even when wet and synthetic items that dry quickly and protect you from the elements: wind, intensity of the sun, cold, and rain. A hat, sunglasses, and bandana can protect your eyes and face from sun and dust.

7. Basic tools

What tools can you use to create a basic shelter where you can hide away and rest. What materials can you use to blend in and avoid drawing attention to yourself when you are asleep and vulnerable.

Being able to improvise and work with whatever materials you can find means you don't have to carry shelter with you. You can hide in plain sight while you charge your batteries and rest your head.

Hiding away in your surroundings is different than popping up a tent and camping. You need to protect your life. A Bug-Out shelter is something you throw together and then leave. 

What are the basic, multi-functional tools that you can use to construct, cut, and bind things together. Paracord and zip ties are extremely useful to make a shelter in a few minutes that safely keeps you concealed. Protect your hands from the elements, injury, and germs with a pair of good work gloves.


Keeping your body healthy and avoiding sickness is more important than anything else. Prepare yourself to avoid a reactive, panic situation with a survival mentality.

Follow your proactive feelings. Others can count on you since you count on you for your family and the others that inevitably turn to you. Rely on yourself and then assist others who were not able to prepare ahead of time like you have.

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