Pepper Spray/Stun Guns

There are self defense tools to protect yourself from home invasion, from knife attacks by someone you know and from killers on the street. We have the gear you need to feel peace of mind.

Protect yourself if you live alone and protect your family with large sized pepper sprays. You can also find pepper spray to protect yourself from animals small like wild animals and large up to the size of bears! And don't worry laws regarding the use of pepper spray on your own property support your rights to defend yourself in most cases.

Products can be devices to carry with you while you are out such as pepper spray keychains to keep you safe from stalkers. There is pepper spray you can carry in your hand while you walk home late at night to give you extra confidence and a feeling of safety. And there are pepper spray devices that you can bring with that are perfect for runners while out training.  

Self defense products help challenge you to think ahead about your reactions: what are you willing and ready to do. These tools help protect yourself at home, if you live alone, and stand your ground to protect your family. is here for you!