The USB Keychain Stun Gun - Pink

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How common has a USB-thumb drive become, would you say that now you use it on instinct. Without thinking you plug it in to grab a file. But this is no ordinary USB-drive.

It is a stun gun that comes with a massive punch. The power of this small item is extremely impressive considering it is about quarter of the size and it is as effective as a full-size stun gun. This self defense keychain gives you exactly what you need to protect yourself.

Buy Now! Available in Black, Pink, and Blue!

Feature Highlights

  • Smallest stun gun on the market
  • Same shocking power, 75% smaller than a full-sized stun gun
  • Built-in keychain
  • Safety on/off switch
  • Led flashlight

Package includes: 1 stun gun - 1 charging cord USB-USB micro - 1 instructions